: oil filters of all things (amsoil)

08-18-08, 12:46 PM

Just went through my yearly amsoil order (I buy most fluids in bulk for the tranny, diff, oil and the like). Anyway, in my hunt for replacement oil filters according to Amsoil (website), the following would fit the V:

The new Amsoil branded EAO32 as well as the Wix 51042 which I believe is listed already in the FAQ.

Ordered both as the EAO claims best efficiency and increased capacity (even over the Wix part) and 25k intervals. Obviously there's little chance I'll try 25k but just wondering if anyone's tried it. Is it longer than the stock or wix part?


08-18-08, 12:52 PM
Hmm, i am stickin with my K&N oil filters with magnet on the side....I am gettin 7.6 bar of oil pressure and the sucker flows like no tomorrow...

Tried the stock oil filters but K&N has one a a little longer and more capacity means more filtration less pressure drop and cooler oil...Think TAHOE....


Just my observation

C66 Racing
10-14-08, 07:50 PM
Sorry for the really slow response, I've been deployed all summer. I have been using the EAO32 on my 06 CTS-V. Filter is same size as other LS2/LS6 filters I've used. Basically stock size.

Here's the latest used oil analysis report using this filter:
AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 Used Oil Analysis (http://www.c66racing-synthetics.com/TestResults/Used%20Oil%20Analysis%20Reports/CTS-V%20AMSOIL%200w30%203-8-08.htm)
Note: sample on 6/10/07 was Mobil 1 and OEM filter

10-14-08, 08:20 PM
Just an FYI - '06's and '07's use different filters. They have different threads. It makes absolutely no sense because they are the same motor. Don't ask me how I know.... I suppose the Mobil 1 catalog at Autozone could have spec'd out the wrong one for an '06, but I bought one once and it was wrong. The catalog calls out a different one for '07.

10-14-08, 09:17 PM
Autozone has 5 quarts of Valoline synthetic and a filter for $22 once every 9,000 miles. Cheap insurance. :)


C66 Racing
10-15-08, 11:42 PM
Just an FYI - '06's and '07's use different filters. They have different threads. It makes absolutely no sense because they are the same motor.

Good point and totally true. My 06 uses the EAO32.

The Wix and AMSOIL filter part numbers are:
Wix 51042

Wix 57060

02-14-10, 12:03 PM
Diggin up, is there a larger than stock oil filter that will fit the 2007 V?

02-14-10, 02:18 PM
Amsoil EA 030 is the larger size and fits 04 to 06 V's not the 07.
February is 11% off for preferred customers.
The Oil Depot on Tomken rd. I believe, just off the 403 behind Pearson Int.
Need to drop in and stock up this week after doing the Auto Show.

02-14-10, 04:35 PM
Amsoil EA 030 is the larger size and fits 04 to 06 V's not the 07.
Do you have the dimensions and details for the EA030 and EA032? (Bypass valve setting (if any), anti-drainback valve, thread pitch, etc).

Just doing some parts searching, Amsoil's site (http://www.amsoil.com/products/ea_filters/eao_xref.aspx) shows the EA030 is for "GM Family of Cars V-8 (77-92)". So starting from that...

Using WIX' website (http://www.wixfilters.com/filterlookup/index.asp), the '04-06 CTS-V uses a WIX 51042, which is 3.404" tall with a 2.921" diameter, and has a 13/16"-16 thread. It has no bypass valve, but does have an anti-drainback valve. It's rated 9-11GPM max.

I tried looking for an '05 Tahoe filter, following up on Naf's suggestion, but it came up with the same 51042. So I looked for an older GM V8 filter, and found the 51522. Same diameter, same thread, same specs, but is 4.526" tall. So, it should have roughly 30-33% more filter area.

The newer GM filters use metric (22mm) threads, so you can't use anything newer.

If you want to use something other than WIX filters, you could use those WIX filter numbers to cross-reference to other brands.

02-14-10, 05:10 PM
That is a great site. Looks like the 07 V is stuck with the OEM size filter. I did some searching between Cadillac, GM trucks, Corvette, of 2007 vintage, and they all call for the same filter, there were no other options at that thread pitch.

C66 Racing
02-15-10, 08:20 AM
ASMOIL does make an AMSOIL Ea Oil Filter (http://www.c66racing-synthetics.com/Product%20Bulletins/EAOPB.htm) for the 07 V. Part numbers for filters AMSOIL carries for the 07:
Wix 57060

Ordering info in my sig (on above post) to benefit the forum (and my dealership/race team).

02-25-10, 10:31 PM
If you go to the Cadillac Faq site and look at the oil filter list I think there are couple Amsoil filters that work.

AC Delco PF46 = Amsoil EaO 32
AC Delco PF58 = Amsoil EaO 64
AC Delco PF59 = Amsoil EaO 64
Amsoil ASF30 = Amsoil EaO 30

The Amsoil 64 is the longest of the three.

02-25-10, 11:57 PM
I went to buy a filter today and did a bit more searching. First, an easy look-up to find the part number for the longer filters is a '99 Seville. I'm sure there are others that use the same filter, but I just guessed at that option and sure enough it was the right one. For Mobil1, it's MI-206. For Bosch, it's 3423. As posted above, for Wix it's 51522. I'm sure there are others out there.

On AC Delco's site, PF58 and PF59 don't come up anymore. If you use their cross reference page, the Amsoil EAO 64 crosses to the PF61, which is also what they spec for a '99 Seville. Their cross reference lookup will accept the EAO 64 and EAO 32, but doesn't recognize EAO 30, so I wasn't able to see what it brought up for that.

Anyway, I have a bigger Bosch filter on the car now, and with the next oil change I'll install the EAO that soflarick sent me (unfortunately, the movers boxed it up yesterday, hence using the Bosch filter today! :lol:).

02-26-10, 08:49 AM
The EAO30 is definitely taller than stock height, nice to know what is the tallest filter available for your car. I'm running a Mobil 1 filter until 5000k on this most recent oil change, then switching back to Amsoil oil filters. STATING AGAIN, 2007 LS2 OIL FILTERS ARE METRIC THREAD, 04-06 FILTERS WON'T FIT.

02-26-10, 08:50 PM
Just an FYI - '06's and '07's use different filters. They have different threads. It makes absolutely no sense because they are the same motor.

That's what we call awarding the lowest bidder :bouncy: