: GM's Stupidist Move Ever!!

06-11-04, 09:10 PM
What a waste... I bet with all the $250's they save they could spend it to better advertise their cars.....http://www.fool.com/news/mft/2004/mft04060908.htm?source=eptyholnk303100&logvisit=y&npu=y&bounce=y&bounce2=y

M STaR 013
06-11-04, 11:37 PM
hmm, that is pretty lame. if GM wants to give someone 250 bucks, they should give the new GM vehicle owner 250 dollars in free gas or something, definately not bribe them to buy a competitor's car...

06-12-04, 03:21 AM
The author seems to be a bit biased or have a chip on his shoulder or something. I never liked the idea of a 24 hour test drive. Now, I wonder if people will do it just to get the money and bag the crap out of the poor car. If they want to sell more cars they should just lower the price. If more people buy because of a lower price, GM will get their money back, and more. When I ever buy a new car, it will have only 2 miles on it or no sale.

06-12-04, 03:32 AM
i didnt read the official document, but i did read that article..
Either this is very ignorant or freakin' brillient (unlike me who cant speel.. lol)
10 to 1 you'll have to fill out a form of why you choose the competitors vehicle.
Now you know what they like and dislike about the models they compared, what better way to see who's buying what.. ok, john didnt buy the cadillac.. he went with acura, whats different between these two.. garuntee this is for statisitcs to help GM in the future.. sizing up the compition and their product in one sweep
or semething like that

I think if they do decide to keep GM, they should get that $250 or more though.
then again, they offer $1k inscentives and such

06-12-04, 03:48 AM
I think if they do decide to keep GM, they should get that $250 or more though.

I agree, but ONLY if.

06-12-04, 11:22 AM
I still say its a horrible idea.....even if they do look at the form you would fill out...imagine how much they would loose....less then 5 people and thats about $1000...plus the rebates they already have on their current inventory. Do the dealers "have" to "participate" I wonder???

If I were buying a car today Id go to the Buick Dealer down the street...ask to 24 hour test drive a century then go buy a BMW and on the form fill out that the BMW was more "sporty"....I highly doubt they will do anything to the Century,LaCrosse, or any other Buick for that matter that would change a thing..

06-13-04, 03:46 PM
I am so pissed off that GM continues to delay the 3.6l 6-speed manual CTS, I may just do it to get some retribution for delaying my purchase based on misleading information from GM. I guarantee, the vehicle I purchase will not be a GM built vehicle. I will only do so if I know the dealership isn't hurt in the process.:banghead: