: Is it a head gasket?

08-17-08, 09:51 AM
Hi All,

Sorry for the long read. My mother has a 97 SLS with 140,000 miles on it. She got the car in 2001, after my dad past. I would add coolant every couple of months or so, didnít think anything of it (small hose leek). Last month the car overheated, the radiator had a crack in it. I replaced the radiator. One week later the car over heated again, water pump leaking, replaced water pump. Now the car runs like shit, misfire on cylinder 7, and sometime white smoke coming from exhaust. There is coolant leaking on my garage floor from the engine. Is every one going to tell me bad head gasket?

If so has anybody tried the stuff called THERMAGASKET?



08-17-08, 10:39 AM
White smoke and misfire's are bad signs, especially a severe misfire when you first start the engine. The white smoke is usually coolant burning off in your exhaust, if you rub the inside of the tailpipe with your finger, when its cold of course, and there's coolant in there, your hg is shot. You can also buy a kit that will test for c02 gases in the coolant, its at napa, about 50 bucks. If there's coolant on the ground, you may have an external leak, in addition to the possible hg.

Someone here tried thermogasket, but it is a band-aid at best,most hg's blow because the headbolts have pulled out of the block, there's nothing a liquid can do to fix that.

08-17-08, 10:54 AM
What does the white "smoke" smell like? Coolant? If so, it's a pretty sure bet that the head gaskets are gone, or more accurately the threads pulled. Forget the snake oil miracles in a bottle. They will not work. The drivetrain needs to be dropped and the head bolt holes need to be Timeserted. $3000 - $3500