: Could Use Some Insight

08-16-08, 09:23 PM
I just bought my first N* today - a 2001 SLS w/ 58K for $6800.
BEAUTIFUL car in excellent shape.
I have owned the 4.9 in my '93 for fourteen years, and now it's time to move up.
Felt like an imbecile today looking for the trans stick (go ahead, laugh).
So, maintenance wise, oil filter is located....?
What other quick tips can you share. I love this car - what refinement vs. my '93, which still does not burn any oil...
Many thanks, Gents (and ladies)


08-16-08, 10:22 PM
The oil filter is just left of center, up front as you crawl under the car from the front. Not hard to get at. MAINTAIN the cooling system system as per the owners manual (5 years/100K or sooner on coolant changes).

08-17-08, 08:02 AM
Thanks - that's the first issue that occurred to me...

08-17-08, 12:05 PM
orange, Did you find the transmission dipstick? It's a dry sump unit, so there will be NO oil on the stick with the engine off. Must be checked hot running in P. The pic shows an easy mod using a 2" rubber pipe cap and clamp ($2.50 for both at hardware store) which makes checks easier and cleans up the area visually.....also makes air filter changes a breeze. Use a suitable screw in the air box top in place of the Torx. The intake tract must be clean and leak-free or it will set a MAF (don't fool with it) code.

The new DEXRON-VI synthetic fluid is backwards-compatible with the old DEXRON-III and variants.

You have a ton of homework to do in here........!!!! Welcome Aboard........

08-18-08, 04:50 PM
Thanks very much for your time and info - geez, do I really want one of these beasts?
You scared me about ton of homework!!!!!!!


08-18-08, 06:01 PM
:bouncy: A 2001 SLS should be as trouble free as any other technically advanced 4-door sedan. It is, and can be driven as, a high-performance vehicle and therefore maintained accordingly.

The "homework" refers to searching these threads and forums, Scotch and water in hand, learning the tricks and hints on how to take care of it without going to the cleaners at a dealer or local shop every time a small hiccup appears.......

08-22-08, 06:49 PM
If the car has ~50,000 miles on it the crank sensors are either just about to fail or they just have...

If it starts to randomly stall without any engine codes.... That's the Crank sensors... The bane of all 2000-2003 Northstarts.