: early stages of considering a sts4...

08-12-08, 08:36 PM
so i just got a little promotion at work, really not much, but i almost have my 03 CTS paid off that i just bought bout 4 months ago, i also have my 2002 jimmy on 20z that is paid off.

so im considering tradeing in the jimmy and cts for a sts4.
how is the awd? is it real time awd all the time? i know that GM bought the right to use subaru's awd system a few years back but i dont know if they ever did use it, or if they did how similar they kept it.
how does the car handle? i love how the cts drives, nice and sporty. is the sts similar?

ive only found 1 STS4 for sale so far and it is 27grand with 67km (canadian)
i havent found any with bout 100km on them...which is what im leaning towards so i dont have to put too much money into this trade..
what would one with bout 100km on it be worth? i havent

so how do you guys like the sts4? im sure its compairable quality to the cts, if not better, i really want awd if im gonna go down to only 1 vehicle. also considering the g35x
any input appreciated

c5 rv
08-12-08, 09:33 PM
I don't know if you have a Cadillac Certified Pre-Owned program in Canada, but I would suggest going that route if possible.

08-13-08, 06:33 AM
Yeah I would as well suggest the program (Certified Pre-owned). Especially with the torque converter issue some of them have. :eek:

08-13-08, 03:28 PM
Hi Id be glad to help you out. the thing with the STS is that the options make a huge difference performance wise. if you want an STS that handles like your CTS you will want to get the performace luxury package, the easy way to tell that it has it is the 18inch wheels. this gives the STS magnetic ride and the ZF german steering gear which makes a big difference handling wise. The 4wd is also very nice, it is seamless even at 230kmph (im canadian too lol) i personally just imported 4 STS from the states for resale in Canada i have 3 awd and 1 rwd and i can say that on the snow that i have driven on the 4wd have been a lot better than the RWD which loses grip with almost any throttle. I can also say that off the line or in the long haul there is very little that can keep up with the V8 Northstar. The same can be said about the handling, after having driven devilles for so many years the thing i enjoy most about the STS is the turning radius and the very spirited handling. The thing can do a U turn around a median at a light and land in the left lane on the other side of the median where my devilles would probably have to back up just to make the turn at all. also when you are trying to make a left turn signal you can really step on it without worry of slowing down for the turn which i love. I would highly recomend the STS and have very little doubt that you will love it.

08-14-08, 05:35 AM
First of all, THANK YOU FOR BUYING AN AMERICAN MADE CADILLAC!!! Your choice is appreaceated by all of us who build them! I work at the Lansing Grand River plant, in Paint, where the CTS,STS and SRX and up coming CTS Coupe and CTS Wagon are built. Every single customer is absoultly paramount to us and we are PROUD to have YOU in them and proud of our products!!!! :welcome:

Secondly, the STS-4 AWD is awesome in the snow and ice, I feel as safe in my STS AWD as I feel in my truck. Awesome ride and handling with lots of comfort, room and awesome features. I have a 3.6L that sports me 28MPG back and forth to work a 100 mile each day. Love it, flat out best ride I have ever had, course I am slightly bias too! Bought mine used, 06 with 15K on it and tricked out with every thing but ACC and HUD for about 28K, got a great deal! I love the room inside and love driving it and I plan on putting 200K on her before buying another one. I can take a turn or curve at incredible speeds and it holds the road like a race car. Thanks for asking for advice, this is a great group here and I love what I can learn from this website. You came to the right place!!!!