View Full Version : Patience is vertue?!

08-11-08, 11:27 AM
ok well Josh (downsouthV) and I (Josh also :sneaky:) had an eventful weekend in his V and im getting more pumped than ever. I wonder, when the new V's come out are we going to see the prices of the 04's go down further? I just dont want to jump the gun bite the bullet on a V and then end up Bass-ackwards in a car thats worth less than I owe.

When is the official release date for the 09 V? I might be better off saving some more change for a down payment on the V and waiting until the 09's roll out and pick one up then? Trying to make the big boy grown up decision

Damn this wait is killing me...


EDIT: damnit i mispelled Virtue lol....

08-11-08, 11:33 AM
also not to start arguements here but pros/cons of the 04 w/ LS6 vs the newer ones with LS2's? build quality, recalls, responsiveness to mods, ect... I searched but came up with nothing...

08-11-08, 11:42 AM
The search can be difficult to use until you get the hang of it - there are tons and tons of threads on the comparisons.

As far as responsiveness to mods, the LS2 might have a slight edge due to the few extra cubes.

08-11-08, 12:09 PM
there is really enough on 2 vs 6, and there is a 09 V forum.

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