: Clutch slave Cylinder question

08-11-08, 08:28 AM
Had the car on the lift the other day (yeah, I'm spoiled!) to bleed/change the clutch fluid. Fluid is nice and black, shifting seems to be getting fairly notchy.

Here's the problem - can't get any fluid out! The bleeder valve (fun times) seems to be stuck into the aluminum extension going into the slave cyl inside the housing. I stuck my fancy lighted mirror up in the highly accessible spot and can only see the bleeder and the aluminum tube thingy - is this supposed to be a fixed part of the slave cylinder? It is definitely coming out and I can re tighten it. I got spooked and didn't want to take it completely out for fear of not being able to get it back in and spilling brake fluid inside the bell housing.

Any suggestions? Thanks in adavance

08-12-08, 12:50 PM
You don't have to remove it to bleed the clutch. Just loosen it up.