: 07 Escalade Theftlock Problem

08-07-08, 02:36 PM
Hey, im new to the board and hope someone can help me out.

My 07 escalade was stolen and the radio was removed. When I purchased the truck it had no radio and the 3 plugs going to the radio were cut. I was able to get the plugs for the radio and wired them back into the dash. I purchased a nav unit part number 25890527. I also purchased a gps antenna and installed it into the truck. I installed the nav unit using the 2 black and 1 brown plugs from the dash, the radio antenna and the new gps antenna. The radio powers on and shows the blue cadillac world screen then comes up with THEFTLOCK ACTIVATED. I had a techician with a tech 2 try to rogram this unit and they told me that it was a grey market european radio and it will not unlock and is not the right unit for the vehicle. He gave me a part number of a non nav radio which was the correct one for the car (15934176). I called my cadillac parts dealer and asked if the part number of my nav unit was correct for my vehicle. They said yes, so i made an appointment at the caddy dealer to try and reprogram the radio. After trying to reprogram for an hour they said it was not the right part number for the vehicle and also gave me a non nav part number as the correct radio for the car.

I have read through several posts on the board of people swapping non nav units with nav units. One post showed a tech bulletin about upgrading from non nav to nav and that part # 25795337 would be work in a non nav unit truck.

Has anyone swapped out their non nav unit for a nav unit and been able to have it programmed that has a DIFFERENT Part number than the one in the tech bulletin (25795337)

Any help Is GREATLY Appreciated !


08-08-08, 03:00 AM
Well, sometimes the technicians just need to know how to work the system. They should be able to clear your radio no problem. They may however have to "build" your escalade as one that would have had the NAV you purchased. This worked with the Class 2 vehicles, never had to try it with a GMLan vehicle. The problem is that most dealers don't like working with non-stock configurations. Fortunately I know someone with a Tech2.

08-08-08, 11:50 AM
Do you know anyone in the NY area with a tech 2 who knows what they are doing ?

08-09-08, 01:50 AM
unfortunately not..

08-09-08, 08:55 AM
The tech 2 software is damaged.
When the tech goes to unlock the radio they must tell the scan tool that it is an '06 W car, see the text below.
I am sure they spent a lot of time trying this one, too bad they didn't look at Service Information because the answer is there.

This problem is 2 years old, but not many guys run into it. I have seen it a few times but I do a lot of radio work.

Currently, performing the radio setup as described in SI (Document ID # 1745049) will NOT successfully learn the vehicles VIN information for the new radio. Engineering is aware of this and working on a correction, however the following steps can be performed to resolve this condition until the new service information is released:

Perform the radio setup in SI (Document ID# 1745049) as well as,
Perform a VIN relearn. To perform the VIN relearn, build the Tech 2 as follows:
• F0: Diagnostics

• 2006

• Passenger Car

• (1) Chevrolet

• W

• WN Monte Carlo LTZ

• F6: Body and Accessories

• Entertainment

• F5: Module Setup

• F0: Radio

• F0: VIN Relearn

When prompted to erase the theft data: "select yes"
Shut the key off for 60 seconds and remove the Tech 2 from the vehicle.
After sixty seconds has elapsed, the VIN should relearn upon start up.

08-09-08, 07:21 PM

Can you confirm that with this procedure my radio(part no.25890527) will unlock and i will not need the the part no. 25795337 nav radio ?

Do you know anyone in the NY area with a tech 2 who would be able to unlock this ?


08-09-08, 09:22 PM
I used to know some techs up there but I have lost touch with them.
You should be able to take that to the tech that has been trying to unlock the radio and tell him to try it.
From what you posted, it sounds like they owe you a freebie.

I can't tell you much about part numbers. I used to know the guy in charge of the supernav but GM gave him another job. I could bug him but I don't think he has access to that information anymore.
I'd try that procedure before doing anything else, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

You see, they update the Tech 2 software every month or so. Whenever they do the updates (a division called "Techline") sometimes they screw up another function of the Tech 2. As an example we might lose the ability to reprogram a BCM on a certain model car. Once they find out they try to fix that glitch and two more crop up. Often times we can "backdate" the Tech 2 to an older version that didn't have the glitch, do the job and then re-update the Tech 2 so it won't work again. :lol:
It is a neverending cycle. Somewhere along the line the code that controls the Theftlock reset on Escalade developed a bug whereby it just won't work. Apparently the '06 W car uses a radio that has a compatible setup procedure so tricking the Tech 2 into thinking it is attached to that car will allow the procedure to work properly.

It has been some time since this problem showed up and I can't imagine why Techline hasn't fixed the issue, but it is up to some engineer somewhere to figure it out and they probably cut that guy's budget or eliminated his job altogether. ;)

Let us know how it goes.

08-11-08, 02:05 AM
That's crazy stuff that they had to build a MonteCarlo in the Tech 2 to clear an Escalade. When I installed a nav from a Rendezvous in my Oldsmobile, they built it as the Rendezvous and it worked flawlessly.

I actually have seen one of those nav units installed in a W-Body too!

08-11-08, 11:56 AM
I spoke with the tech 2 guy and he said he will give it a shot. Is there any other info i may need to give him ?

If there is anything else that i might need to know and you can give me it now that would be great because if for some reason it doesnt work i would like to have any other info i may need when he has the car


08-11-08, 12:56 PM
If you give him that document ID (1745049) that ewill3rd provided, then the technician should be able to look that up in SI and see the exact GM procedure.

08-11-08, 01:55 PM
No, those instructions are all he should need.
If he knows how to use the Tech 2 all he needs is the year and body designation, he should be able to do the rest easily.

08-13-08, 10:20 AM
To EWILL and everyone else who helped me out with this issue, THANK YOU FOR ALL THE EXCELLENT HELP !!!

I was able to have my tech guy unlock the radio. He was more excited to find out about this programming method than I was. So im now up and running thanks to you guys.

Any ideas on the best lockpick out there? (unlock functions and play dvds on teh front screen through the 6 disc changer)

08-13-08, 08:43 PM
Glad I could help out on that one.
Always nice to hear about a happy ending.

09-09-08, 11:15 PM

Can you PM me the dealer. I have an 08 CTS with the same problem. I am in Farmingdale. Any help is much appreciated.


08-02-12, 10:39 AM
I printed out the instructions and watched my tech enter them after the entertainment prompt there is no f5 module setup it only goes to f4. Anyone that can help it would be greatly appreciated I'm at the dealer now and I'm tired of listening to pandora in my phone

04-29-14, 05:01 AM
Digging out this old thread...

Simple question: I am looking for the SI (Document ID # 1745049). But cannt find it anywhere on the web. Someone can help me and tell me where to find this Document?

Many many thanks!


05-08-14, 04:28 PM

05-09-14, 06:44 PM
Post your question in the proper Escalade discussion forum.