: Audio Help 2004 DTS

08-07-08, 01:31 PM
Hi Guys,

I just purchased a 2004 DTS...but the owner before me replaced the stock HU with an aftermarket Eclipse. The steering wheel controls do not work but ON* still does (and turns the radio off when the button is pushed). What adapter do you think the guy used? If any? All 8 Speakers work, is this usual?

But I wanted to get an iPod connector and if I have to change the radio, I want to get a navigation system. Is this hard to do? Would I need to change anything else or get new harnesses? Could I install the antenna under the dash? Do you have any ideas on a good HU that would have bluetooth, ipod support and navigation that could work with the controls on my steering wheel? Perhaps I can use the built in ON* to work with my bluetooth cell phone?

I read up on the GMSC-06 or something like that, are there still problems with the sound going in or out? If anyone can help, I would appreciate it!


08-08-08, 10:59 AM

08-08-08, 03:50 PM
idk what you have
stating you have an eclipse hu is about as precise as calling a tire shop and telling them i need a 16" radial...
i also have no idea how it was wired in

08-10-08, 02:19 PM
Ok Well I still havnt taken it apart...but is there any adapter that I can use that will enable steering wheel controls but will retain functionality of on*, parking assist and door chimes? I was reading up on it but it seemed as though there were none that maintaned full functionality. Thank you!!

08-10-08, 02:33 PM
need multiple harnesses to do that...

08-10-08, 05:52 PM
would you mind pointing me to the necessary ones?

08-10-08, 06:17 PM
all depends on what you have in there now lol
again i need more info

08-15-08, 01:09 AM
so I picked up the car today...the radio is an eclipse 1200 and it sucks. When i push down ON*, the power to the radio is cut off. There is tons of static, especially when its low volume. All door chimes and such work. I looked behind and there didnt seem to be any adapters, there was just the wire harness to the eclipse.

I really want a 2004 DTS NAV system (msg me!) or something that will work with no static/ with steering wheel controls / all chimes...

ANyone offer some help?


08-15-08, 10:06 AM
did you forget i make plug and play factory navs for the cars...

08-31-08, 02:13 PM
Hey CadillacSTS2003! I am a newbie and tried to send you a PM, but the sys admins wouldn't let me. I have a 2004 Deville and am looking to install an aftermarket radio adapter like the Terk. What's the install like? Can I reach the back of the radio easily?