: How Do I Find Out How Long My Warranty Is Good For?

Kurlee Daddee
08-06-08, 09:43 AM
I bought my V used from a Dodge dealership 2 years ago. Its a 2005 CTS-V with 35k miles.. I have been wondering how long my warranty is good for. I did buy an aftermarket warranty that's good until 78k miles. But I would like to know how long my factory warranty is good for.

Anyone know where I can find that information?

08-06-08, 10:02 AM
Become a supporting member and run a VIN check on it. It will tell you about warranty and all dealer repairs it has had.

Kurlee Daddee
08-06-08, 10:31 AM
Okay I found the info. Thanks. My factory warranty is still good until 3/21/09.

08-06-08, 10:33 AM
Most 2005 cars are bought in mid to late 2004 so you have roughly 5-6 months im guessing and obviously about 15k left on the odometer. An easy way to check this go to the dealership and they will punch in the vin an tell you exactly when your factory warrenty is up.

08-06-08, 03:12 PM
carfax should give you an in service date, add 4 years to that and 50,000 miles.
another easy way is to become a supporting member and have them run your vin through GMVIS. I would do it but then I get yelled at.