: Dead Temp Gauge: AC Disabled

08-05-08, 05:23 PM
So, I had to take my cats to the vet today. Zipping along the highway, cruising at about 70 I see my dashboard's analog temp gauge suddenly go dead (thankfully down, not up) and my nav screen says something like "Warning: Engine Hot - Disabling AC".


Whoa, I immediately flip through my digital gauges to see oil temp looks fine, the one that looks like the thermometer in the water looks good, but the other thermometer just has dashes. I make sure I'm in 6th to keep the revs down, and start flipping through the 2 temps that are reading numbers - they both continue to look good and don't climb.

I finally come to the conclusion that my one temp gauge has just died. Unfortunately, I can't find any way to get my AC on. When I arrive at my destination, turning the car off and back on doesn't fix it and she refuses to run AC (it starts for a few seconds, then she kills it).

As luck would have it, my return trip with 2 cats in tow has me stuck in construction stop and go traffic under Florida sun with cat medications that need to be refrigerated for almost an hour. I'm somebody who is usually described as easy going with a sunny demeanor, but I was pissed off at everything during that miserable hour. Since I was running an errand during work and trying to make it back for a conference call, there's nothing like walking back in the door late and sweated through everything :crybaby: :helpless:

I monitored everything on the way home and all the other temps seem fine, so I really am thinking that it's just a dead gauge. Any input from anyone other than "get it fixed"? Everything else seems normal but...

08-05-08, 05:29 PM
Is it the gauge or the sensor/sending unit?

08-05-08, 05:46 PM
Good q! I guess I'm not really sure (I had mentally thought of them as one, but now I see your point).

With both the analog gauge flat and the digital gauge showing dashes, it points to the sensor (right?).

08-05-08, 05:56 PM
Seems like the sensor would be the easier of the two to both check and to repair (if it's the culprit).

Let us know!

08-05-08, 06:56 PM
Agreed on checking or replacing the sensor.

08-06-08, 08:58 AM
Quick update for those keeping score: I got in my car this morning and it was still doing the same thing. But, about a mile later, the gauge suddenly came to life and AC came blasting back out. :highfive:

I didn't hit a noticeable bump or anything so I'm not sure what it was. I'm wondering if my girl is getting upset about all the time I spend drooling on the 2009 forum.

So I still need to get it looked at, but I'm not in critical "get it done this second" mode.

I'll drop another note in a day or two with an outcome once I get her looked at.

08-10-08, 10:59 AM
Update: took it to Massey Cadillac Orlando North. They checked the computer and codes and couldn't find any cause or clue - nothing.

Got a call from my service rep who suggested I let a mechanic take it overnight. I reluctantly told him OK but made sure he knew I'm really picky about other people driving my car (only 2 others have since I've had her) and it's fine if they had to put on some miles but no rompin' and to make sure he passed it along to the mechanic that would be taking it. :tisk:

Got it back the next day and my G meter settings still looked good and only about 30 miles added on, and everything looked aok with her. Unfortunately, they still couldn't get the AC problem to occur and came up empty handed.

So, unfortunately I'm just driving and waiting for it to happen again. Here's hoping that I don't have cats in the car when it does. :crybaby:

Oh, since this was my first time I was in for service at any Cadillac dealership I should let everyone know about my experience with Massey Cadillac Orlando North - everything went about as smooth as possible. Got a loaner - no questions asked (unfortunately, all they had on hand first thing in the morning was a Chevy HHR, ugh). While it was in they fixed a TSB (don't remember which one), I got some maintenance done (throttle body cleaning + 2 filters) and I squeezed my rep to throw in a free oil change - the mgr said no free change, but did knock 10% off the entire bill (almost = to a free oil change). My car was washed and spotless when I got it back. I wish they could have come up with an answer/fix for the AC and put me in a caddy loaner while I was out, but otherwise I was pleased with the service.