: 98 concours amp install wiring question...

08-05-08, 02:03 PM
Hi all - question for wiring an aftermarket amp in a bypassed bose system...

I have a 98 sedan deville concours de elegance with the factory bose system. I replaced the head and built out my own harness to bypass the factory bose amp and run the speakers directly from the head and moved the factory head to the trunk to solve the security and chime issues.

I am now going to put a small 400w amp and a single 10" sub in the trunk, and wanted to know if I could use the factory bose amp power and ground wires to power the aftermarket amp...

has anyone ever tried this? comments, ideas?


08-05-08, 10:17 PM
If should work and if the guage wire is the same and it if its smaller you might lose some power . Also you have to tak in consideration that the ground wire might be longer than three feet so youl loose resistance. So I would redo the ground to be on the safe side other than that you need to tape into the radios harnes for the remote . But I should work