: Sunroof?

08-04-08, 02:11 PM
Does anyone else have a loose bracket in their sunroof that drives them nuts? The part I speak of is can be found by putting your fingers about one inch back in the slot the sunroof slides in to. You can only do this with the sunroof closed. The metal bracket runs almost the entire width of the opening and tightens down with tourque screws. The problem I'm having is they dont tighten down, almost like a washer is missing.
I checked for the same problem on an 08 last time I was in fo service and it to seemed to be loose.
Is it just me?

08-05-08, 10:00 AM
Sunroof does not rattle, but the passenger door, passenger seat, drivers rear door and drivers door all rattle to the point I am going insane. Each has been worked on no less than 4 times each with no resolution. If it wasn't for the fact I listen to music loud, I would have gone postal on the dealership long ago. I feel your pain, good luck.

I am going to check on this when I drive home.

08-09-08, 09:47 PM
I have the same muffled rattle when my sunroof is open. If I manually retract the plastic (why does EVERYTHING have to be plastic?) wind deflector, the sound diminishes, but does not go away. I never remember to check it later when it is parked. What type of fastener tightens this bracket... Phillips, flat blade, torx, monkey wrench, duct tape...?