: Stay 429 or go 472/500?

08-04-08, 08:44 AM
Hello All,

Im in the beginning of restoring my 65 Coupe Deville and had some ?'s. I have a 429 all original. She's never been rebuilt or taken apart but is in serious need of being cleaned up and possibly rebuilt. my question is: I would like to squeeze some more power out of her and wanted to clean her up, would i be better off considering a 472 or 500 since parts are more readily available or should i work the 429? i.e. work the heads, stroking, bore? should i consider converting her from points?any ideas or advice is appreciated.

11-08-08, 12:42 PM
squeezing more power out of the 429 can be done but at what cost? I spent around 10 grand in parts and misc ish on mine to get 540/600 out of it. Honestly for the cost involved youd be better served getting a GM crate engine (like the carbed LS engine or something with a stouter cam) I think that makes about 500 horsepower and has great mileage. Plus it wont have exhaust leaks every 20 minutes like the stock manifolds do on that engine. I went through 4 sets of manifolds before having full custom headers built...

11-13-09, 03:44 PM
If you want more horsepower and wish to mod I recommend the 472 or 500 because, as a 1964 cadillac owner, I know there's nothing in the realm of performance parts for the 429 engine.

03-04-10, 05:47 PM
I would go with a 472/500. There is no replacement for displacement, the extra torque would be worth the update.

05-19-10, 06:32 PM
If you don't have a problem with wrecking the originality and thus value of the car then yes, you can change the engine. If you don't want to stay Cadillac(and in these years they ARE Caddy, not "Built by GM for Cadillac") then buy a dime-a-dozen Chebby crate mill.

Massage the heads, get a cam ground the way an experienced cam guy says you need it, put on a '67 QuadraJet intake and carb and run some good duals. Livens the 429 right up, and they aren't weak to start with.