: ORR Cadillac Shreveport, LA

07-31-08, 11:05 PM
just bought a 2008 CTS from ORR Cadillac in Shreveport, LA. I have to say that this was the worst new car buying experience, ever. If they didn't have exactly the car that the wife wanted, i would have left.

i won't go into details about the treatment i got from the salesman, but i will tell you this. the car we were buying came from the factory with the 18" polished alum wheels. well, i just happened to notice that the wheels that i was paying big bucks for, were the 17" painted stock wheels. when i questioned the salesman about it, he told me it must have come from the factory that way. i doubt it. in fact there were several other cts's on the lot that were supposed to have the upgraded wheels but didn't.

long story short, he promised that he would have them installed on mon (this was sat and they didn't have any mechs on duty). since this dealer is 2 hours away, i figured that i would call first. "uh, gee, we don't have the wheels in stock, we'll have to order them" surprise! so i call back on wednesday and now they have them. drive up there, get the wheels installed (and the state inspection that they didn't do earlier) and drive away. its after 6pm and there is no one left in service. i hit the highway, and once i get up to 70mph, there is a terrible shaking in the front end. now this is not the famous vibration that i read about in another thread, but a definite out of balance tire situation (was perfect with the 17s). SOB!

so i get home and call the local dealer (about 35 miles away) the next day and make an appt to have the front wheels balanced. CBG Pontiac/Cadillac in DeRidder LA. give them a thumbs up, they took care of me great.

now my steering wheel isn't jumping out of my hands, but my wife (its her car, she drives it mostly) notices that it 'drifts' to the right. and its not a road thing, it would drift to the right even when in the left lane and the crown of the road would push you left. aaaargh, well CBG doesn't do their own front end work (at least they didn't use to) so i called Southern in Alexandria and made an appt to have the front end aligned.

took the car in to them, and 3 hrs later, was told it was done. damn, that took a long time. but when i get the ticket back, they did more than just a front end alignment, they did a 4 wheel alignment, adjusted the front and rear camber, and the toe in. i give them a thumbs up also.

so i've had the car for 10 days and its been in the shop twice. needlessly. Orr should never have taken the wheels off in the first place and the balance and alignment should have been done before i picked the car up. oh, yeah, i forgot to mention that when picking the car up, the dic was showing a tpms malfunction. so when i got home, i got to reprogram the tpms system. no biggie, but should not have had to do that (another reason why i think they scammed the wheels). and after having the correct wheels put on, i had to do it again when i got home.

just generally poor service both before and after the sale. i would not recommend them to anyone.

i can't wait for the corp questionnaire to come in the mail :)