: difference between 04,05,06 V

07-31-08, 02:14 PM
Hi everyone! I am new to this forum. I do not own a V yet, but I am looking. I am trying to get all the facts straight before I make a purchase. What are the differences between the 04, 05, and 06 Vs. Would you guys recommend an 06 over an 04 and 05? I have test dirven an these 3 years and to me it seems that the 06 is a bit smoother. Is it just me or does anyone else feel the same? 06s seem to be going for ~$3,000 more than an 05. Is it worth the extra money? Thanks in advance for any input. And I can't wait to get one and have some stories to share with you guys.

BTW, I currently own a 06 Trailblazer SS (which is for sale in Los Angeles)

Also, if you guys know of any Vs for sale in and around the L.A. area, I would appreciate any leads.

07-31-08, 02:30 PM
Hey guys, maybe we need a http://www.cadillacfaq.com locked sticky thread, or make it part of the registering process...

'06 Vs are $3k more because they have more warranty. Probably feels smoother because the bushings are less worn out.

Check that website and you'll find plenty of info.

07-31-08, 03:54 PM
Thanks for the link to the FAQs. I was also hoping to get some feedback on driver feel. Does anyone feel any difference between on 05 and 06, as I did?

Which bushings are you referring to? Are they an easy fix?

07-31-08, 09:48 PM
There are essentially no differences between stock '04-'07 CTS-Vs. There is no '08 CTS-V and the '09 CTS-V will be considerably different from the first four model years.