: PLEASE HELP - Bose sub without power, but working...

07-28-08, 09:55 AM
I had a Stereo install place install an Alpine Mono Sub amp in the car along with 2 Fosgate Subs awhile ago. I am now trying to get the car back to stock without paying them again to reverse the process. I need HELP!

I removed the amp and capped off all the wires. The audio store told me they got the amp lead in from the Bose Subwoofer on the back deck. Basically they unplugged the subwoofer, and used those connections as leads to the new alpine amp. Now that I have removed the old amp, I disconnected the inputs and reconnected them into the stock sub. I am getting voice through the sub, but the stereo sounds weak and NO BASS. I thought the stock stereo sounded goos before, so something is terribly wrong. I also checked the fuses and the Bose amp to make sure it is still on and working. A couple of quick questions might help...

1. Does the Bose amp power ALL the speakers in the car or just the sub?
This would tell me the amp is working, since the other speakers sound fine, just the sub is without power.
2. For all you guys who have already upgraded your own stereo, has anyone reverted it back??