: ATTENTION a notice from dealers service

07-27-08, 06:27 PM
ok, I took my 06 V for some warranty work.
-rough shirting
-motor mounts
-and execive wheel hoop They ended up replacing the front driff bushing)

Anyways I think he was impress on why did I know so much.
So he asked me:

Him - "hey, do you go online to those websites, were people talk about their cars, the problems they have and all of that?"
I replied:
me - "you mean a forum?"
Him - "yeah"
me - "yeah from time to time" ( I thought he was on our side)
Him - then he says " well, because latelly the CTS V guys and the Vett guys;
have been going online and talking about the problems that other cars have had, and they they come complaining about the issues that the other guy that across the country had, when they dont really have an issue but they deside to come to the dealer and get parts replaced waisting cadillacs money when they dont need to, Cadillac is reviewing all this and possibly soon all the CTS V guys and the Vetts guys may have to pay for the diagnosis of the car"
me - Welllllll, you kinda right, why replace parts that you dont really need to"
(just trying to agree with the guy a lil, since he was gonna do so of the warranty work.)

But anyway, I dont know if he was BSing me or what, but just incase, if you guys get asked by the dealer about online forums and so on; just say NO.
The rep from my dealer was kinda nice, at times he gets kinda pissed with other people so I try not to piss him off so he can take care of my V. :yup:
Just a big ups to all my buddies in the V world.

By the way has his happen to anyone???

oh yeah, I did get my car and evrything was covered under warranty as espected.

07-27-08, 07:12 PM
Guy at my dealer also mentioned people on forums and how the frequency of some problems get blown out of proportion.

07-27-08, 08:03 PM
Its been the opposite with my dealer. At first, they had to check everything before any work was done. Last time I called about motor mounts, he ordered both before I even brought the car in (most dealers replace one if needed).
The forum never came up. But its obviouse he trusts that I know what I'm talking about (thanks mostly to this forum) :yup:


07-27-08, 08:14 PM
If I got any BS like that from my dealer, he would no longer be my dealer.

07-27-08, 08:18 PM
My service writer at Schepel Cadillac loves the forum. He is very hardcore in the Hummer world and is a member on many of their forums. For good dealers...forums bring them business...

07-27-08, 10:00 PM
I was thinking on trying a new dealer.
Althought the one I go to is sooooo close (About 3mins).
I guess it really depends on the actual people we have to deal with.
If he ever thinks about charging me for diagnosis I know I will never go back :tisk:
Thanks to this forum is why I know about the V :woohoo:

07-27-08, 10:15 PM
That would only be another reason why GM is loosing market share to Japan. I hope they get their heads out of there ass soon.

07-28-08, 01:32 PM
I actually told my second dealer of this forum. I put them in contact with Lindsay because GM doesn't tell them much about our cars!

07-28-08, 03:20 PM
I actually told my second dealer of this forum. I put them in contact with Lindsay because GM doesn't tell them much about our cars!

Good for you. The other dealers out there could take a cue from Lindsay about customer service!

I brought up the forum to one of my dealers. Told them it was a great place to learn a little about the issues of particular cars. This was after they asked how I knew about the TSB's I brought up when they fixed certain problems on my car.

I am probably one of the guys this guy is talking about but I don't bring my car in without first experiencing a problem (why would I want to drive their crappy rental while they hunt down a non-existant problem on mine?). I DO however make sure I am up to speed on any issue I have with the car before I make a trip to the dealer. I want to make sure I know the difference between a "normal condition" (sloppy shifter) and a "widespread problem" (differential whine).