: V left me stranded

07-27-08, 09:55 AM
So I'm on my way home on I355 when the car just shuts off out of nowhere. It didn't fart, miss, or sputter. It just shut off like the key was turned off. I checked all fuses and anything else that may of been a simple problem. I had to get towed home:helpless:
I just got the car tuned so I'm thinking that it is a computer problem because of the other problems I'm having now. I scanned for codes and it is all clear:hmm: Thats odd because I know the cam sensor was throwing codes along with the purge valve prior to my car leaving me stranded.
I will be calling the tuner Monday to see if he has any ideas. I want to avoid the dealer if i can because of my mods (maggie).

07-27-08, 01:20 PM
Could be the Magnavolt.

When you say it shut down like you turned the key off, do you mean the electrical went dead?

07-27-08, 04:06 PM
mine did that a month ago i was lucky to have parked at home when it died.took it to lindsey they got fired up.it was the wiring harness from the magnavolt a couple of wires burnt out killing the connection.so check your wiring harness and locate the damaged wires.if you have a little bit time u can make the repair yourself and be back in business.i was told a lot of maggied v's have had this promblem .let me know how it turns out.

07-27-08, 07:10 PM
Yep it died like there was no power.
I checked the fuses for the magnavolt and the fuel pump fuse under the rear seat and it all checked out. There are no burned wires on the harness. where exactly did yours burn out, and did your fuses blow?

07-27-08, 08:20 PM
right at the connector in the fuse box next to the magnavolt.