: Ed Morse Bayview Cadillac - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

07-26-08, 12:41 PM
They claim to be one of the biggest Cadillac stores. That may be true, but their service department is a complete rip-off on most items. Their ability to diagnose is only exceeded by their ability to bill.

They left me stuck and stranded in a bad neighborhood when my car broke down. They refused to send their service truck to help. They claimed I needed a new rear end -- only $4,000. When I had the tires rotated, the "bad rear end" went away. They wanted $375 to replace a small fake-leather parking brake boot! When I complained to Cadillac, they ignored my complaint.

Cadillac claims to be the standard of the world. They must have dealers that are the standard of the world. Based upon my service experiences with Bayview, this is the last Cadillac I'll own. I can buy a new Mercedes Benz C300 for less than a CTS and get a MUCH BETTER CAR with a dealer and company that stands behind the product.

The Cadillac executives should buy a Benz and evaluate their buying and service experience. Good bye Cadillac. Is it any wonder GM stock has falled to below $15 a share -- or that Ford is below $5.00?