: Warranty period question

07-22-08, 10:15 AM
I know we have a 50K mile warranty on our cars, but what are the specifics?

My dealer said an alignment is covered through 7500 miles

What about brakes? Any other limits?

07-22-08, 10:30 AM
Typically wear items are not covered except under certain circumstances where they may have been defective from the factory (brakes, clutch, tires, etc). Some people have been given credit on tires because of the stock ones lasting only 7k miles or so. You will probably need a brake pads change by 35-40k miles.

The warranty should cover everything else bumper-to-bumper except maintenance (like oil changes, alignment, fluid flushes, etc).

07-22-08, 11:44 AM
What the warranty covers and what your dealer will replace can be two different things. Having a good relationship with your service writer can do wonders with goodwill claims.

07-22-08, 07:26 PM
Correct. A good service advisor will point out that every part not covered, is attached or relies another part that is..