: BMR Cradle bushings for CTS-V

07-22-08, 12:27 AM
I was at the BMR website looking at these, and I've heard nothing but great things about these from the GTO locals. Now if only BMR/Harrop could produce these for out CTS-Vs!!! They are only 125 bucks for the whole kit!! Check it out...



07-22-08, 02:05 AM
They do. Look on their website in the CTS-V section. They sell the bushings only for the anti-wheelhop kit for $199.


07-22-08, 02:05 AM
That my friend is a BODY MOUNT not cradle...

Bought them for my old 06 Holden Caprice...Reduced the body roll and gave it some stiffness...Its only for two and they come in black or red....

Yup we got the bad end of the deal for good aftermarket parts....

07-23-08, 12:17 AM
Its a cradle mount. I use to own a 2005 GTO. ;)

08-24-08, 09:09 PM
The problem with BMR's bushings IMHO is that the metal spacers make full contact with the metal on the cradle and transfer that vibration into the rear subframe. The Specter bushings are Delrin so there is no metal on metal contact whatsoever.... much better way to go.