: water pump pulley

06-08-03, 02:38 AM
Hello all. I wanted to know if anyone out there can help me remove the water pump pulley from my northstar. I need to remove it to take the valve covers off, because I need to change the gaskets. I tried to pull off with two different pulleys, (rented from autozone). I haven't had any luck. Is there a special pully or tool to do it?

06-08-03, 01:09 PM
Welcome aboard!!!! I think with the valve covers the engine needs to be pulled to get to the rear bank, but I could be mistaken...... You do need a special tool to get off the water pump..... Others will chime in and help you....

Also, what kind of car/mileage do you have???

06-09-03, 12:48 AM
I dont wanna take the water pump off, just the pulley on top of it. I need a tool (38825) or equivalent. I read this in a chilton manual. But I called a local dealer and they said they didn't have tools. I don't know where to look for one. Has anyone taken one off, and how, a pulley or what?

I have a 96 deville it has alot of miles (17600). Its black with black rag and black interior.

06-09-03, 12:49 AM
Sorry I meant J-38825 tool.

06-09-03, 08:22 AM
Snap-On tools or 1-800-GM-TOOLS

06-09-03, 10:11 AM
You might want to toss the Chiltons manual and get a Factory Service Manual while you're at it. You'll find MAJOR OMISSIONS in the Chiltons or Haynes manuals.

06-09-03, 11:27 PM
You may be able to get the tool from SPX Miller tools. I got special tools to align the camshafts of a Chrysler (mitsubishi) 3.5 L. They may do GM too - they are very courteous, timely, and the tools were inexpensive.


06-12-03, 09:03 PM
Im sorry I hadn't logged on in a couple of days, I haven't been home. I finally took the pulley off, I borrowed an extraction tool from my unc, he has a lil shop. I waited so damn long to take this ish off cause we tried with the other pulley pullers I was about to give up. ANYWAY, It was a piece of cake, but now its overheating, I think it might be a relay. I looked at my fans and then I looked at my nepew's lac's fan, mine weren't turning as fast. I will go get the relay or relays tomorrow. I will keep yall posted. Thanx for the replys. Also where can I get a shop manual for my lac?, I wouldn't mind having one.

09-21-03, 08:42 AM

Would you be willing or able to send me an electronic picture of your Miller Special Tool, which I think is a 6642 that you used to align the camshafts on your Chrysler engine? I don't have the tool, and the delivery time is weeks, but I'm thinking if I can get a good picture of it, I can locate the pin myself and make one. It looks like the pin that holds the cam is on the same centerline as the two bolts that are used to attach the tool, and if that's the case, I can make up a set in 15 minutes and be on my way.


Ed Davis
aka "bluzplayer" in Dayton OH