: Intermittent VSS!!

06-09-04, 12:32 AM
I have a 1997 STS with 110K. At around 70K, the speedometer would intermittently bounce around and the tranny would disengage and do funny things. The codes confirmed intermittent VSS. I replaced it, but the problem sees to come and go and is starting to get bad again. I have cleaned and reattached the connector. Are there any other places that corrosion in the connector may cause this problem? I don't mind the speedo issue as much as the tranny wacking out when it happens. Could a faulty TCM cause the same problem with no other codes? Any way to test the circuit "in the chocks"? Whats the voltage/ frequence that the sensor puts out? Could I (or the dealer) somehow input that voltage at the connection and then try shaking wires/ connections for a bad wire/connection?