View Full Version : Painting Headlight Lense?? Is it possible?

07-17-08, 05:40 PM
Just wondering if anyone knows if it would be possible and last if you were to paint the headlamps. I am talking about color matching the headlight outter lense to match the truck... now i wouldnt paint the entire headlight.. I would leave the 4 "squares" clear wher the lights come out of but paint everything else.. just wondering if you think it would last or if the headlights get too hot and would ruin the paint... here is what i am thinking of doing... this is not photoshop job just wana give the idea...

07-17-08, 09:53 PM
Yeah its possible. I painted my headlights black and they looked steallltthhy. Too bad they wouldn't work on my truck b/c they were stock halogen headlights and my truck is equipped with stock HIDS.

sam hamm
07-17-08, 09:55 PM
it is possible and im about to do it on my truck in black. but i think the paint im going to use is going to be the same color i smoked my tail lights with. ill post pictures

Lu Scola
07-17-08, 10:14 PM
Yes it looks good also. Im may do mine. I smoked my taillights today. I didnt go too dark because i dont want tix everyday. I posted pics on here if the final finish.
Sam Hamm did you tape off the reverse part of the tail lights?


07-17-08, 11:23 PM
Don't paint the headlight lenses like that. If anything, paint the inside plastic white - like how people black out their headlights.

About the tails: I painted over the reverse lights. I went pretty dark too. The first day I had them on I got pulled over. I got off the hook. I put a light bar and haven't had a problem since.

Lu Scola
07-18-08, 01:15 AM
If you guys tape off the reverse section it looks factory and you can go dark with out the police f*cking with you all the time. Plus it looks way better. I just did my buddys lexus LS460 and it looks fantastic. Did you do the 3rd brakelight too? Heres mine:


sam hamm
07-21-08, 10:32 PM

Lu Scola
07-22-08, 03:55 PM
Are the headlights painted or is it a sticker. Looks good if its painted, they did a good job with the lines. What satelitte unit is on top?

sam hamm
07-22-08, 07:41 PM
Are the headlights painted or is it a sticker. Looks good if its painted, they did a good job with the lines. What satelitte unit is on top?

see thats the same thing i keep asking myself too but i cant decide. it seems like it would be just as hard to cut that out of a sticker as perfect....

Lu Scola
07-22-08, 08:27 PM
If its a sticker then its probably a laser cut made for the escalade. I have seen them for civics and chrysler 300's