View Full Version : Anyone put lights in the bed?

07-17-08, 02:22 AM
I have an 06 EXT.. the stock light thats in there really doesnt do anything.. if you are in a dark area and trying to find something in the bed there is not much light at all to see.. just wondering if anyone has done anything and if so if they ahve any pics or anything like that. Thanks

07-17-08, 12:22 PM
Have you tried upgrading to a high output led light?? I am going to replace mine to see what it looks like. I'm actually replacing almost all my lights with LED lights. Oh and be careful with that light for the cargo area. I pulled it out on mine to check to see what kind it is and I couldn't get it back in!! I finally did cause I pulled on the wire to get me some slack and I think I pulled the wires out of the connector past the grommet!! Now I have to tear apart the bed lining to reconnect. Maybe I will come up with some other lighting ideas.

If you decide to add any additional lights, post pics before and after.

07-18-08, 12:38 AM
"Anyone put lights in the bed?"

I tried it when I first got married and she didn't like it............

damn didn't read the question on hand.............LOL.

Most factory cargo lights are s@#t. I haven't seen any that are brighter than my 3m candle power walmart one though.