View Full Version : Programmer or is there another way????

07-16-08, 07:51 PM
I was wondering if the hypertech programmer is like the others where you can run a diagnostic on the vehicle to see if any codes are popping up...

also was wondering if there is any other way to see if the vehicle is throwing any codes that don't come up on the dash.. as stated in my other post i am feeling like the car is a little sluggish and wanted to check to see if there is any computer problems or anything like that.. someone mentioned in a post way back that the dealership just plugged into the car and it popped a bunch of codes about misfires.. just wanted to see if there was any way i could do it myself first to see if anything pops up so i am prepared at hte dealership.. thanks

07-16-08, 07:55 PM
From what I understand, Hypertech is just a programmer. It is not a diagnostic tool. Try doing an internet search for a GM (Cadillac) diagnostic tool or scanner. That should yield you some rusults.