: Need Some Help......

07-16-08, 07:34 PM
ok.. now i know we dont own sports cars or anything like that but i have been feeling like lately the Escalade hasnt been performing so well.. actually it been like this for a while. i know in both of my parents Escalades if you floor the gas the truck has this short hesitatiion but then it jumps and flys... however when i do it in my truck i feel as though it just goes slowly.. there is no jump if you want to call it that.. just wondering if anyone has any idea on what might be causing this... on my parents trucks it doesnt matter fi i floor it from a dead stop or while cruising at like 50-60 it still does it.. but like i said.. i will driving mine and it just feels like im in some car that is barely making it and it just progressively gets fast.. just wondering if anyone has any idea on what might be causing this.. i am starting to feel as though that from the truck sometimes having a dead battery or a battery disconnected for an extended period of time that the memory or whatever in the computer might not have the proper settings.. i just ordered a programmer and I will see if the "sport" download will help the truck some but who knows... again just wondering if anyone had any similar problems.. thanks

Also wondering if the Viper alarm system could have anything to do with it. I had it installed a while ago and everything was fine.. then when i had the problem with some electrical wiring it stopped working, like the remote wouldnt unlock doors or anything like that so i just went to using the stock remote fob.. im wondering if the viper system is fried if htat could have damaged or done something to the engine or whatever, being that the viper ties into the engine or ignition right?

07-16-08, 08:02 PM
I've only owned my Ext for about 2 weeks now. I've been heavy on the pedal just a few times. Mine feels the same way. Just doesn't feel like it has that low end torque (grunt). I'm not sure whether or not there is anything actually wrong with truck or that is just the way it "feels". I am sure by giving it a re-tune with the programmer it will make it feel a little bit more peppy. I highly doubt the alarm had anything to do with it but, I can not say. When is the last time you tuned the vehicle up? Perhaps your MAF is dirty. I dunno. I'll be doing a few upgrades to help with the performance aspect soon. (I really wouldnt call it performance when I am not looking for it. Just helping it work more efficiently).

Let me know if you find anything out.