: 2000 Denali Shakes

07-16-08, 05:20 PM
My 2000 Escalade (think 1999 and older Tahoe/Yukon/Denali) gets a violent shake that appears to be in the front and transmitted into the steering wheel...

...it only happens at 70MPH and gets worse the faster you go...I have only taken it to 80MPH...When you decelerate, the shake stays until under 70MPH...

A check of the front end shows that everything appears to be tight with no play...my truck has just under 60,000 miles...

I have had it to my mechanic and the tires and wheels were re-balanced as well as something in the drive shaft replaced (U joint) as it was binding but no change as he thought that might have been it...

I cannot say for sure if this just started as even though I have had this truck since last November, I have rarely had it to 70MPH since I do mostly City driving with it...

I believe it has original shocks (Bilsteins that look good) but I replaced the 16" wheels and tires with 18" Cadillac take offs with Bridgestone tires...they are as new.

Any ideas???


07-16-08, 05:39 PM
Hi !
I would check the drive axles, actually CV joints.
I had the same issue in my other car.


07-16-08, 07:04 PM
I will mention this...

07-18-08, 08:32 AM
no clunk when putting into reverse...no noises or binding when turning front wheel lock to lock...I found a minor discrepancy in the air pressure (a couple of pounds difference) but I don't think that is it...I'll keep looking...

07-20-08, 08:23 AM
Hey Bill, I attempted to find receipts for the front end work I had done before me trip to Canada because me Lade had similar probs. Besides an alignment, which was badly needed, they replaced the joint inside of a boot that's near the inner part of the tire. I'm no gearhead so I dont remember what that joint was called and I'll be dammed where me wife put the receipt. However, once that was completed and I had her tires speed balanced all was fine. This occured around 70 MPH and above and the steering wheel didnt moove but it felt as if the front was swaying on it's own. Once brakes were applied and I slowed to a lesser speed the shaking ceased. If I find the receipt I'll be able to tell you exactly what them joints were called. Each with labor I beleive was $140 X 2. Hope I helped. :) Stay safe Brother, Joe

07-20-08, 09:00 AM
Hey thanks...howzat 2004???...

07-21-08, 05:36 PM
alright...went to my trusted mechanics and they put my truck up on the lift for me and put all four wheels into motion...my right front tire has a hop in it...not in the wheel...in the tire...and the other three have varying degrees of wobble...in the tires and not the wheels...I need 4 new tires it seems.
I bought these as take offs on ebay so as I am not the first owner, I have no warranty with Bridgestone...lovely...
Does this sound plausible for the front end shake at 70MPH...?
Anyone have some suggestions for an all season tire in 285 60 18 for the Esky...mostly road driven rarely if ever taken off road but must be able to handle Winter and Rain...
Thanks for all the help so far...

07-21-08, 07:39 PM
Lug centric or hub centric wheels...can I get hub rings for these and might this be the problem???


Daryl in KY
07-24-08, 01:37 PM
Shake in the steering wheel usually is the result of lateral force variation in the steering system. This can be caused by lateral(not radial) wheel run-out, tire lateral force variation, worn steering components, or brake issues. Your description sounds like either a wheel or tire problem possibly amplified by worn steering components.

Tightening the steering sector or replaceing worn tie-rod ends may help significantly. If it is a bad tire or wheel, move it to the rear axle. The shake may disappear or you may get a chassis shake instead of a steering shake.

Good luck.

07-24-08, 11:04 PM
good advice...I took it in to have the wheels and tires road force balanced and to check for bent rims or out of round tires etc...they found one tire was balanced improperly but everything else checks good...with all tires rebalanced I took to the highway and it is still there however it has been reduced significantly...cannot find anything with front end parts that are worn...I ordered new shocks but admit this was just a knee jerk reaction to getting them before the sale ended, free shipping and additional 10% off...True Bilstein's...I'll report if this makes a difference but I believe you may have the correct diagnosis...I feel that perhaps these places I have taken it cannot devote the time to run down all these leads...
Thanks for the info.