: Definitive battery answers - or more questions actually...

07-16-08, 11:49 AM

Did some searching on this topic and just want to validate what battery options are available for those of us that don't want to carry a booster pack in the trunk for when the car dies after 5 mins of accessory power.

1. Our batteries are group 101 with side pillars. Only ACDelco makes them as far as I know. They are crappy IMHO as they are not able to run on accessory power only for longer than 10-15 mins.
2. Closest match from the more decent brands (Optima, Odyssey) are group 78. 3. In the case of Optima red/yellowtop, the battery comes with top and side pillars.
4. Optima group 78 fits correctly in the battery tray but top pillars will touch the hood lining as the battery is taller. Three common hacks are either to lower the battery tray (some work), trim down the top pillars (potentially dangerous) or drill a small hole in underside of hood so that pillars can clear it. Don't like either of these to be honest.
5. I have no idea whether odyssey group 78 or other batteries fit. Can anyone advise?
6. Any other batteries that can come close to fitting without any hacking?

Appreciate any advice on the topic.


07-16-08, 01:07 PM
Search is your friend.

Please use it before you start a new thread.