: how much for a '06 1SG with ACC and 43k

07-16-08, 01:56 AM
Hello All,

It's time to move on from my '94 Fleetwood Brougham and I'm looking at an STS. I found an '06 V8 AWD 1SG with ACC and 43k miles from a local Cadillac dealer. They are asking $24.5k and another $1,000 for Cert Pre Owned. The car doesn't have any dings but lost of "power car wash" swirls. Other than that, it is clean in and out.

Now for the questions. How much should pay? I was thinking $23-24k out the door including 6% sales and the CPO warranty. Is that reasonable? Am I dreaming?

What NAV firmware, engine, trans, mag suspension software upgrades should I have the dealer do? They said I couldn't get a new NAV disk, should I push back on that? What else should I ask for?


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07-16-08, 09:45 AM
Thats pretty high mileage for a 2006, but not TOO bad.
I just checked prices here in my area. (Dallas/Ft. Worth TX)

Thats pretty much inline for asking prices HERE. Maybe a little less than dealer ASKING PRICES.

I would not even CONSIDER buying it without it being CERTIFIED.

If you have strong credit and/or cash...
(in other words.. THEY KNOW that you CAN buy it) and if they refuse your offer, they have lost a SURE SALE...

I would maybe offer them 24K ... out the door AND with the CERTIFIED warranty. If you have to come up a little... still might not be a bad deal.."IF" this is THE CAR that you really want.

Other wise keep looking for THE ONE. You will know it when you see it.

I think that if you get it CERTIFIED... you are entitled to ONE nav disk upgrade. Call GMNAVDISK.com to find out.

I don't think the dealer has anyhing to do with that.