View Full Version : where to find parts online??

07-16-08, 01:53 AM
Hello all. Is there any website or anything to where I can check part #'s and maybe see diagrams for factory replacement parts. :hmm:

07-16-08, 02:15 AM

sometimes ebay.

07-16-08, 01:03 PM
Thanks. I guess I am just used to the other forums. They pretty much have everything you want to possible know about the cars. Hate me if you must but, this forum just isnt up to par with other car forums. I'm not going anywhere though. Have to be a group effort huh.

07-16-08, 01:58 PM
What other car forums are you referring to? I've been on many other forums and still find this one, the best.

07-16-08, 03:29 PM
This forum is awesome and VERY informative... Maybe "someone" needs to learn how to use the SEARCH button. :bigroll:

Just my .02

07-16-08, 08:17 PM
I am signed on quite a few forums. I only visit the ones that I need to though. The two I frequent are www.m5board.com and www.cadillacforums.com (obviously).
I would assume that there are less M5's that have been sold compared to Cadillac Escalades. But, than again, no one has any facts about how many were produced or sold within a given production run do they? I know I can probably find something with the world wide web, but isn't a what a specialty forum like this is about?
Oh and I am also a member of www.honda-tech.com and its the same thing. Anything about anything about the cars have already been discussed or someone will find out for you.
Maybe its because its a luxury suv and not an everyday type vehicle. Or perhaps its so perfect that no one needs to bother. Perhaps the forum is a reflection of the websites name of Cadillac "owners" group and not "enthusiasts" group.

Oh and bash on me if you please but I don't like the functions of the search on the forum. Just my own prerogative I guess.

Unfortunately, there are many things that I am not familiar with on this vehicle and this is about the only resource for it online. Any other ones are not even close to this one as far as information so here I stay.