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07-15-08, 10:48 AM
I blew a left gasket... Was wondering if anyone knows where I can purchase a replacement gasket? Is the stock stainless not an option?


The Tony Show
07-15-08, 11:14 AM
Use a stock one, and get some Copper Gasket Compound from Autozone. Smear compound on gasket, install and forget.

07-15-08, 12:10 PM
I used stock gaskets and never put anything on mine. Not a single leak.

07-15-08, 12:27 PM
I've used the kooks and the stock gaskets, and they both leak a bit. If you drive it long enough and hard enough any gasket will leak.


07-15-08, 12:38 PM
Stock GM gaskets here. Call Luke ------------------> Lindsay Cadillac---------------->

07-15-08, 12:48 PM
Percys Seal-4-Good dead soft aluminum gaskets, have never leaked for me!

07-15-08, 12:57 PM
^^ That's what I'm running on the B&B's and no leaks for me.

07-15-08, 01:08 PM
If I recall, some of the KOOKS suffered from non-flatness.

You can search for that.

07-15-08, 01:10 PM
Any time I put headers on a Gen III/IV, I use new GM factory bolts (and GM gaskets).

Vibration is the enemy here! The GM bolts have a threadlocking compound that is not affected by heat and will not loosen up like uncoated aftermarket bolts. It is a single use compound, so new bolts need to be used each time the headers are off.

Start them in (finger tight) and when you get them all in, tighten (torque) them from the center outward, alternating from front to rear, bolt by bolt.

The GM bolts are not pretty and shiny like some of the aftermarket stuff but they sure do work.

I have no leaks in either my truck (over 3 years) or my V (over a year). I've also done two Camaros and one other truck for (younger...read: daily thrashing) friends and have not heard anything about leaks. I see these guys every few days and they would be slobbering around and whining if they had any issues.

07-15-08, 01:14 PM
Good idea to re-torque after a few heat cycles as well. (recommended).

07-15-08, 01:40 PM
Good idea to re-torque after a few heat cycles as well. (recommended).

Remember the ft-lbs?

07-15-08, 01:46 PM
18 ft lbs.

07-15-08, 02:03 PM