: 160 T-stat?'s long road trip

07-15-08, 01:55 AM
Should I bother changing back to the stock t-stat for a monster vacation I'm going on in a couple of weeks (4000 mi roundtrip) ? I'm lazy about doing this in the 110 degree heat again. My cooling system is: 1 gal. Dexcool rest distilled water, Redline water wetter, stock fan settings, and of course 160 t-stat, no tune yet (unless StealthV wants to do it when I roll through the TC's! in August!). Is MPG gonna be lower? Is there a long term issue that could occur with the PCM or engine with these extended lower operating temps? Any advice is appreciated guys, thanks in advance.

07-15-08, 07:01 AM
should be no problem. just doing a road trip?

07-15-08, 10:08 AM
Please report on the results of your trip. I am interested in your coolant temps. You do not have a "tune" so your radiator fans will turn on at normal temps. I have heard that the best effect from a 160 degree thermostat requires reprogramming fan start temps, but I have seen no data confirming this. My guess is that your motor will cruise at about 190-195 or so even without the 160T.
It seems that the move by virtually every mfg to higher temp thermostats was done largely for emission requirements. I am not sure there is any "ideal" coolant temperature. Smokey Yunick advocated running with as hot a combustion chamber as possible.
On the other hand a higher temp combustion chamber leads to hot spots, which lead to detonation, which leads to ignition dial back, which reduces power and economy. No doubt Water Wetter reduces coolant surface tension, but you still have the possibility of isolated steam pockets, which lead to hot spots.
I am thinking of using Evans Coolant, which is waterless.

07-15-08, 10:49 AM
i drove 785 miles in my old lightning with pure water in the radiator

in that respect i think you'll be fine.

07-15-08, 11:32 AM
Drove about 1400 miles (Palm Springs and San Diego trips from Vegas) with the following setting: 160 stat, 1st fan kicks in at 170, 2nd kicks in a 190, 1/4 dexcool, 3/4 water, & 2 bottles of water wetter. No problems.

07-15-08, 03:45 PM
Good stuff guys thanks. My temps right now here while commuting are misleading for sure: ambient temps are in the 100s everyday, so it runs around 195-200 on the highway w/AC. In town, it runs cooler for extended drives with the AC/ on, without AC and stock fan turnon: 226 max. Oil temps shootup faster with AC on though, oil and coolant mirrored eachother in the spring with no AC. When temps here were a little more sane in the spring : Hi: 80s, Lo: 50s, it ran quite cool with this setup: 168-176 on highway and in town driving always just depended on airflow so around 180-195 usually.

07-15-08, 07:00 PM
I was thinkin about grabbing a 160 T-Stat for this stupid hot vegas weather, but the car seems to handle it pretty well. Probably do it next summer to be safe. Have fun on your trip!

07-16-08, 03:50 PM
Thanks 702. The 160 tstat is worth it when you live here. So I take it, its ok leave it in there even on super long road trips according to the poll. Thanks again guys.