: Engine to trans. bracket locations

07-14-08, 02:23 PM
In the process of removing the engine from the top in my Eldo. I have the one bolt out at the front of the right head and the two nuts off at the back of the same head (bracket swung out the way). I also have the two bolts at the lower case bracket to trans. barrel removed. The trans. want to lift with the engine, bell housing is separated from rear face of block. Am I missing another hidden bracket that's hard to see between exhaust manifold or something?

07-14-08, 04:17 PM
The entire engine/transmission assembly comes out the bottom......you lift the car off the engine assembly.

Hmmmmmmmm...........what year, car, and which engine are you working on? It makes a difference........post it all in your CP ^^

07-14-08, 04:42 PM
Sorry thought I said Eldo it's a 98. Not removing from the bottom... I know that's the faster way but I don't have the floor space to do it and have to r&r the rear main seal anyway. I'm sure I'm missing a bracket bolt back there somewhere just did'nt look hard enough so I figure i'd check here before I go home for a quick tip. Thanx, i'll find it and have the engine out tonite.