View Full Version : R & R Deville Dash speakers

07-14-08, 08:00 AM
Just bought a 89 deville and want to upgrade the dash speakers and rears but curious as to where all the bolt/screw locations are. I tried last night to pull the dash apart real quick, yeah right! Do you have to take the entire lower dash apart? Help is greatly appreciated. Also any referrals to prior posts is helpful too. Thanks in advance!:drink2:

07-16-08, 05:49 AM
behind the ari vents on the top of the dash are fours screws each vent has a screw behind it and on top of the dash there are three once you take off those screws you have toslide the top part of the dash off. be careful there is a vent hose connected under it. and the speakers are a pain to change because its so close to the windshield. and the rear ones inside the trunk you should have a cover fro them take the off its two plastic butter fly screws and two snap harness that attached to the rear dash from there make sure you have your plolarites correct when you change out the old with the new. any more questions post them