: 1994 Cadillac STS

07-13-08, 02:46 PM
Ive installed a Cold air intake and uprgraded my exhaust vehicle sounds awesome but does anyone know of anything else i could do to get some more power like Chips or Reprograming? (4.6 Northstar)


07-13-08, 03:10 PM
No chips.....entire PCM program. Read AJ's thread "Northstar Tuning". Get in line. Hope you studied in here and Seville before you did the "CAI".

07-13-08, 03:20 PM
Y whats Wrong With The CAI or should I be Taking it out?

IM just a Kid with and Caddy i dont know much about Cars and stuff i Just want The Strait forward Details that i can Understand.

07-13-08, 06:27 PM
bamms, chill: nobody's jumping on your case........Take a couple of days and snoop around in here and Seville to find what people have done in the air and exhaust departments.......many times a well-intentioned "mod" results in a performance decrease, just the opposite of what we want to do to these cars........

LOTS of people with LOTS of experience in here........Welcome aboard !!!!:D

07-13-08, 08:34 PM
Here ya go.