: Changing The Amber Daytime Light Bulb

07-13-08, 08:32 AM
Ok, from the "its never easy with GM department" i need to change out the drivers side amber daytime running lightbulb. I have the directions and they say to remove the protection shield located on the underside of the front of the vehicle by pulling out the push-pins located on the underside of the protection shield.

the problem is i cannot find a way to get my fingers to the area they are talking about "the underside of the vehicle". it seems to be sealed off with no entry to it.

anyone of you pro's have experiance doing this?? i would hate to give the deal $45.00 to change out a $1.00 bulb.

thanks in advance.

07-13-08, 10:39 AM
If your car is under the bumper-to-bumper warranty the dealer should fix it no charge.

07-13-08, 11:00 AM
is lightbulb changing something that is covered under the bumper to bumper?? i am good until 12/31/08.

07-13-08, 11:25 AM
If your car is still covered under the warranty, yes, the bulbs are covered.

07-13-08, 07:51 PM
Yes, and don't let the dealer tell you it's not. Some dealers tell customers that it's a normal wear and tear item.

07-14-08, 11:42 AM
I think the push pins etc. are actually in the wheel well. I replaced a fog light bulb this way. Its easier if you take the wheel off first, then you can get access to plastic pins holding the wheel well shroud in place..

07-14-08, 12:03 PM
As BirdJC said, the push pins are located in the wheel well, easily removed with flat head screwdriver to pull center of pin out. Take wheel off of desired side. Wheel well divided into two pieces, front and back. Only need to remove front portion. May also be easier if you remove the one under the front of the car. Same looking black push pins, but keep track of where they came from as some are actually different sizes.

By the way, do not get under the car or put your hands under the wheel hub after wheel is off and car on jack... if it falls you may die or lose body parts... all over a $1 light bulb. Always a good idea to use jack stands as a backup as well as the jack in case the jack fails or slips out from under car.

07-14-08, 05:55 PM
there is no way in the world i will attempt this all to change a light bulb. what a horrible design. you would think GM would learn after all these years.

Number 3
07-14-08, 07:25 PM
Try changing a headlight bulb, which requires a bumper removal! GM is SO AWESOMEEEE!

07-14-08, 08:12 PM
Just a note from a long-time shade tree mechanic. Never use the jack found in the trunk - except in the middle of nowhere to change a tire (pray you can get a tow truck). Use a hydraulic jack that they sell at auto parts store. They are inexpensive and last for years. Then get set of jack stands. Lift with the jack and protect with the stands. Get decent ones - the STS is heavy.

07-15-08, 12:07 AM
Try changing a headlight bulb, which requires a bumper removal! GM is SO AWESOMEEEE!


So retarded it's almost funny but when you think about your warranty expiring.. it really isn't. :suspense:

07-15-08, 03:26 AM
I love how freeze plugs on my oldsmobile corroding - parts $0.75 labor $1000+ since the location of these parts, designed to corrode were located between the tranny and engine. Anyways I'm putting in stealths - chrome plated, shine amber, but appear chrome, to match the housing so I wount have that egg yolk tint when they r off

07-15-08, 06:37 AM
Light bulbs are part of the bumper to bumper warranty, let the dealer do it.
To get to that you would remove the clips in the wheel house, if you turn the wheels one way or another it gives you more room to work.
As noted, those are the "easy" bulbs to reach.

Angus Young
09-16-08, 10:23 PM
I currently have the same driverside amber running light out, I removed the front wheel, removed inner fender well, and removed underside panels, as I see it aside from removing the headlamp assy via 3 mounting screws there is no way to replace that bulb. I entertained removing the air box assy but again see no way to replace that bulb. I am going to have the dealer replace it.

09-17-08, 08:32 AM
If you still have it apart, you can open the fog/turn lamp housing by removing the 6 torx fasteners around the perimeter of the lamp, you don't need to remove the lamp assembly to access the bulbs.

09-17-08, 03:50 PM
When I had them install my exhaust I also had them replace the amber bulbs with "Stealth" bulbs. Much easier to change these bulbs when the car is lifted above your head. Just reach up contorting your arm while pulling back the plastic shield on the bottom of the car and you're there. BTW the stealth bulbs are nice cuz they are chrome plated so they dont leave the amber tint when off, but when lit, illuminate a "european" amber which is quite nice!

Angus Young
09-17-08, 09:26 PM
I was refering to the small amber light in the headlight housing, does anyone know how to get those out?
Ireddiablo, where did you get these stealth bulbs from? and which bulbs on the STS can you replace with these stealth bulbs?

09-18-08, 07:13 AM
For pretty much anything in the headlamp assembly the headlamp has to come out.
You CAN sneak it out without removing the bumper but it is easier to get at if the bumper cover is removed.
Kind of a pain.
If it is under warranty I'd let your dealer do it, be sure to examine the paint on the front fenders for damage before and after. ;)

09-18-08, 08:33 AM
what a clusterf*uck of a design..i hope when Cadillac replaces the STS with a new design you wont have to remove the engine to change the headlight!

09-18-08, 04:22 PM
I got these at my local shop, Group 5 motorsport, but I did a google search and found Stealth's wite: stealthauto.com. These are only useful for amber lights that you want to look clear when off. In the sts this is only the front turn signal. The front sidemarker is also an amber bulb, but at least it doesnt leave an amber shade when off like the front turn signal. So for the front turn signal you need to get a 3757 pair for $30. They are good lights, one actually did burn out, my guy at Group5 was surprised, but it was a free replacement since these bulbs are warrantied!

09-18-08, 08:16 PM
I've replaced the small bulb in the headlight housing 3 times just to get the right shade to match my HID fogs without looking blue. Not that difficult. You do not need to touch any bumper bolts or remove headlight housing.

Drivers side actually easy: just remove airbox.

Passenger side: need to remove cover on fuse housing under hood, actually have a nut that needs to be removed deep within box, look with a flashlight. Need a socket extension and a socket attachment that allows you to angle the socket extension. (Tape the entire socket setup together with masking tape that way if it accidentally comes apart, you don't have to "fish" the pieces out.) You do not need to unplug anything from fusebox, just need the inside nut removed so you can move the entire box out of the way so your hand will fit in the tight space to get to bulb. I can now replace the bulbs in under 20min start to finish taking my time.