: Northstar crank sensor locations

07-12-08, 02:10 PM
where are the crank sensors located, i know theres one on top and one on the bottom? is this something the average person can check? this is one thing the technical bulletin said to check if it has intermittent stall on the engine. thanks

07-12-08, 02:29 PM
They are above the oil filter adapter, which needs to be removed. Tight work, but a DIY job. Add your year and model to your profile so we know what we're talking about. GM had a faulty supply from 2000 - early '03. If you are in that time span, replace them both. Also do a search for "CKP sensors". There are several post with diagrams.

07-12-08, 03:16 PM
2000 - 2004 Northstar. One is gray, the other black, made in Japan, not Mexico(Siemens).

Long socket extension, swivel joint, bandaids. Magic words.

Like Ranger said, get an oil filter adapter O-ring and fitting kit. Things get pretty tight up in there and you may want the extra space that removing the adapter affords.

Post your car, year, mileage in your profile ^^^....it all makes a difference.