: Lowering the Caddy

07-11-08, 09:06 PM
I just received my McGaughy's kit. I plan on painting the spindles before installing cause I already see some surface rust on it out the box. Anyhow... been digging a little bit but... tired of searching.... Any hints as how to make the install of the front spindles smooth and effortless?? Has anyone lowered their own ride?? The back I am not worried about, seems straightforward. Just worried about the torsion bars and ball joints. Thanks!! :alchi:

07-12-08, 11:51 AM
I dunno whats out there as far as old threads but I have it shown you how to take pressure off the torsion bars? So you can remove the bolt and metal bar? Its pretty much straight forward. The nice thing about these truck as they use hubs upfront so you don't have to get all grease removing wheel bearings.................O and on the driver side ball joint was a bitch had to get a press the second time to get it out...

07-12-08, 12:25 PM
Thanks. I'd appreciate any info you can provide.

I read that I can get an 8" gear puller to hold the tension while removing the bolt. I just don't know if I trust a gear puller for that. I have a ball joint separator from doing my Acura. Don't know if its big enough for the Caddy but it makes separation a cinch. Hopefully it will work though. :thumbsup:

07-12-08, 12:40 PM
the gear puller will work that what I have used. You will need both tie rod and ball joint seperator... They will work but a heavyer sledge hammer they better.

07-13-08, 06:03 PM
i did mine, myself too, i have a compressor and i was able to hook the press to my impact to pop off the bearings. Took about 4 hours to do the whole job, once you do one side the other side will go smoother. And like above, get a big hammer.