: 2 Tail light center bulbs question

07-11-08, 08:53 PM
I had to change my upper Tail light housing (brake light) bulb in the area that looks like a Fly's Eyeball. While doing so I noticed the 2 bulbs in the middle of the housing have 2 filaments but ONLY the dim (running) filiment glows, I tried what I think is all functions to illuminate the bright filiment in these 2 bulbs with no luck. Should the center 2 bulbs be showing a bright illumination? Brakes, blinker, or hazards, etc.??

07-11-08, 09:19 PM
No. Not sure why they have it wired that way, but nothing activates the second filament.

07-12-08, 09:36 AM
Thanks. I really thought the "billy club" was coming out on this one, for me asking what felt like a stoopid question.:thumbsup:

07-17-08, 03:18 PM
You might not haved noticed, but the turn signal bulbs also have two filaments, but only the bright filament is used for turn and hazard warning. As with the tail lamp, only one of the two filaments is used. The only explanation I can come up with is that by using the same lamp for all four (and, of course, the same lamp socket - three contact base, one ground and two filaments), there is a cost savings over having different parts.

07-17-08, 07:01 PM
When I put LED lights in those middle bulbs I put the 2 hot wires together and it made the bulbs brighter.