: Put car in PARK

07-11-08, 07:18 PM
Recently when I come to a stop and put my 07 STS v8* 1sg into park and turn off the ignition the DIC bongs and says to 'Put car in park'. I have to restart the car, pull shifter out of park and then put back in park. I have to do this several times until it registers that indeed the car is in park. Looks like a trip to the dealer for an adjustment. Also the power mirror on the drivers side creeks and groans when it's being adjusted.

Benjamin Simon
07-11-08, 08:09 PM
I had those two exact same problem.
They had to replace the shifter. They tired to adjust it twice, and it did nothing. The problem is the button on the shifter does not caught, thus it thinks you are still in reverse. In the mean time, try pushing up on the shifter and you will notice it will snap and shift to park.
I had the sounds cumming from the mirror. I had it replaced due to the electrocamagnetic liquid was leaking. No annoying ass sounds with the new one.
I was disappointed to notice the passenger side mirror is not electrocamadnetic.

07-22-08, 11:47 AM
Thanks for the heads up, when I take it to the dealer I'll mention it.