: OBD-II compliant electronic gauge cluster

07-11-08, 04:06 PM
This is not an endorsement or sales pitch. It is a report on an electronic gauge cluster which may prove invaluable to someone with an OBD-II and later protocol vehicle. It is an addition to the DIC ability already in your Cadillac.

Recently there have been many threads on coolant temperatures, gas mileage, cold air intakes, ...the usual "what if??" threads. Another member, ktraub, posted a quick mention of a plug & play multifunction gauge cluster which is also a code scanner and fuel computer. I ordered one, and am suitably impressed. The thing works. I can guarantee that the monitoring of things like timing advance/retard, air intake temperature, throttle position, coolant temperature (yep), any 4 of 12+ gauges at the same time, will open your eyes and put to bed for once and for all some fairy tales and bedtime stories.

Nuf ced......go to www.scangauge.com (http://www.scangauge.com). (they're already backordered....)

08-27-08, 08:37 AM
:bump:LinearLogic (Scan Gauge) is now shipping online, on time. The thing is worth its weight in gold. Just ordered another one for the truck.

FWIW, the thing is designed and made in the U.S. by a group of geeks in west Phoenix.

10-09-08, 04:23 PM
OK.....If you clear codes using either your DIC or the Scangauge, as stated in the Factory Service Manual, it takes up to two weeks for the ScanGauge to register "No codes found" "READY" in the scan screen. If that message is not displayed, the car will not pass an OBD-II plug-in emissions test.

There may well be other codes set, but not emissions-related. The "ready" line is for emissions only.

(Buddy works at the local test station for MD so we did some unauthorized checks to see if we could fool the test set. You can't with a plug-in which communicates with the PCM......rats.)