: southern california v's

07-11-08, 12:41 AM
where the hell are you?

i know there aren't that many cts-v's on the road overall (comparatively speaking), but i've only seen maybe 5 or 6 in the sea of cts' and wanna-v's since i bought mine last summer!

i am proud to say that one guy actually gave me a wave...unfortunately, the others ignored when i waved at them :crying:.

i grew up in calabasas, went to college at ucsd and now i live in camarillo (but work in oxnard)...i bought my car at silver star caddy in thousand oaks.

so tell me...where've you been, where are you and where'd you get your v?

07-11-08, 12:43 AM
**yawn** what does the southern california V own?? **yawn**

07-11-08, 12:53 AM
**yawn** what does the southern california V own?? **yawn**

since i drove it off the lot, my southern california v has owned ME...maybe i shoulda been more clear in my thread title!

jim, there's a lot of hwy out here, let me try to unite the so cal cts-v's!

07-11-08, 01:45 AM
You're close to me... :cool2:

You'll often see me spanking some blue Subaru STi owned my some young kid that thinks his car is fast. I'll keep spanking him until he learns his lesson... :lildevil:

07-11-08, 10:51 AM
Born and Raised in Agoura/Calabasas, Went to School in Wyoming (wyotech), and Bought my Car at Symes Cadi in Pasadena...

Excited for the meet on the 20th!!

07-11-08, 04:20 PM
Born in HB, School UCSB. Currently in Riverside and bought my V from a private party in HB.

07-12-08, 01:34 PM
Vs, not V's...