: 98 deville no blower motor

07-09-08, 10:04 PM
I have a 98 deville with the blower motor non functional. I used my multimeter to test the connector going to the blower motor. On the black wire I have a constant good ground, Red wire has 12 volts. The middle signal wire has 0 volts. I tryed jumping the middle wire with 12 volts thinking 12 volts might not do anything but with a loose connection it might see 3 volts for a sec and spin just a tad. my thoughts were for high speed it needs 3 volts and low speed 12 volts. still no blower motor. I also have a low refridgerant light on the dash board. I'm thinking its the a/c programmer. Does this sound like the problem? I know on my car i had a problem with the power control module but someone told me this blower motor has it built into the blower motor and i have 0 volts non changing through cycles on the middle white wire.. what possible things could it be? any relays that could be causing the problem with a good supplied 12 volts to the red wire? Its my dads car and he cant remember if he had the low refridge light on before or not.. also on a side note his seat moves once in awhile i think that could be a different problem all together? i dont really think its the body control module because everything else works in the car.. can someone please help me and give me a few tippers. I'd like to approach this in a low budget approach. thanks much. I was also wondering if possible, could i get a 3 volt resister or something to drop a hot wire from 12 volts down from radio shack to bypass the a/c programmer if thats the problem.

in addition i hooked up a gm tech 2 to the care and send the motor in to a commanded blow and still no blower motor...

07-09-08, 10:21 PM
You have 2 separate problems. They are not related. The blower is shot. Somewhat common. If I remember correctly speed is controlled by variable voltage (0.3v - .09v). Probably on the white wire that is reading 0. Do a search for '97 Deville blower motor. I think it was there that I posted a tutorial. Maybe it was in the Tech Tips section. Yours should be very similar.

As for the low refrigerant. Add a can.

07-10-08, 05:10 AM
You could always bypass a separate 12 volt supply to the motor and see if the motor is functional (it sounds as it has retired; the brushes could just have been used up and it's new motor time).

07-10-08, 10:50 AM
I tried that once. It doesn't work. As I mentioned it runs on variable voltage. Don't ask me to explain it though.