: Track day in Calgary

07-09-08, 09:03 PM
I had a track day today, first ever. It was the first time our local racing company did one for street cars. It was put on by Allen Berg Racing. Turns out Allen Berg is a retired formula 1 driver, who knew out here? Only 6 of us showed up: my V, a 540 BMW with Dinan stuff, a 650 BMW convertible, Porsche
Carrera S,Honda S2000, and a Mitsubishi (not EVO). Classroom instruction, then instructors drove our cars with us as passengers, then we got to drive with them giving instructions ie BRAKE BRAKE!!! My goal was not to embarrass myself and not to smash up the V. I achieved my goal. I did learn that my car is far better at this than I am, so I have a lot to learn. They are going to do this again July 31 so I told him Id be there. The guys sure asked about the V after I kept catching the 540 when we were doing slalom practice. It is a very flat course with no banking. My G meter now reads .86 L and .89R with stock RSA tires.
So anyone from around here it is great fun. No speeding tickets either.

07-09-08, 09:08 PM
Which track?


07-09-08, 09:41 PM
It is called Race City Speedway. Mostly drag racing but has a 2 mile road course. www.racecity.com It is about 3 miles from my house.
There is a map of the course but I don't know how to add it, you can find it at the website.