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M to the Z
07-09-08, 07:23 PM
Just wanted to add some feedback for Plaza Cadillac, Cadillac Tony. Great customer service. Tony was very helpful over the phone and answered some questions i had. The part i ordered (rear bezel for 03 cts) it was brand new and in the packaging which was great. He offered a great price and the quality of the part was excellent, nothing that was scratch and dent.

Thanks again Tony :thumbsup:


Lord Cadillac
07-09-08, 07:52 PM
Thank you for posting up the review!

07-10-08, 08:21 AM
Tony ROCKS! He's definitely a huge asset to this board and to Plaza. :thumbsup:

07-10-08, 06:00 PM
Tony ROCKS! He's definitely a huge ass...Tru dat.

Cadillac Tony
07-10-08, 11:10 PM
Thanks, Jim. :rolleyes: :lol:


I'm glad to hear you're happy with the bezel, and thanks for taking the time to post up.