: LT1 Header Recmndations

07-09-08, 03:58 PM
ok, my LT1, '94 Fltwd, needs a exhst manifold. It's headers, now, or probably never. CAn anyone give some product recommendations based on experience of installation, etc., and provide any "gotchas". Is this really a driveway/garage job? Any special tools needed?


07-18-08, 01:06 AM
Well I'm surprised no one has offered any ideas. I thought more of us were working on the engine side of things these days. Are we all just "Sunday drivers"?

There was some good info posted on the Impala SS forum. It provided a lot of ideas and areas to research.

07-22-08, 10:17 PM
sounds like you already made a decision. if you havent though, feel free to list any mods and future plans. itd help to make a recommendation. long story short, a 1 5/8" header with a 3" collector will cover most street and near stock setups. youll get far more power than manifolds and still keep good low end torque.

07-24-08, 12:47 AM

Thanks. I was really thinking about keeping it mostly stock size to avoid any problems with fit from the collector back. 3 inch collectors? Are there after market companies that make a stock length cat-converter that will mate to a 3 inch? Would I be looking at a custom fitting all the way back, or can I find the mid-span pipes and over the axle curved pipes in that size too? :hmm:

I've only previously set up an exhaust system on a VW flat-4. Much less tubing to deal with, and no axles to cross.


09-13-08, 03:38 PM
Look at any Camaro or Impala SS header. They will bolt right up. They also come with the provisions for A.I.R and 02 sensors.

I got some Pacesetter shorty headers. Pretty easy install.

09-14-08, 03:46 PM
Thanks for the reply. I notice a lot of the exhaust items for the Impala indicate "Fits SS models only". Can you comment on what is different with the Impala SS in the min-90s models. I'm thinking the difference is with the engine options and the SS only had the LT1?


09-16-08, 10:22 AM
I think the primary difference is the welded in frame to crossmember brace to lower control arm, where the non revised B/D Body didn't have, they had a bolt in piece that was often removed for work and rarely put back in place.

Not critical, but very helpful in handling and body stiffness.... Worth having.

There are some applications of F-Body that used a shorter version, that didn't connect to the LCA. But ALL 73-77 A/G Body, 71-76 B/C/D body, 77-96 B/D body and 70-81 F-Body benefit from this brace. But honestly, I would be willing to bet a $1 that all headers for a 70-81 F body and 73-77 A/G Body will fit in the 77-96 B/D body with the removal of this brace.

Things like AIR won't be there, and obviously won't connect up to stock exhaust either...

09-17-08, 10:23 PM
The two best shorty headers made for the B/D application were the SLP and the Arizona Speed and Marine. They both will bolt up to the stock cats, as well as EGR and AIR systems. The SLPs are CARB certified, as well.

I use the AS&Ms on my 95 SS, and they are fantastic. The tubes look wild. It is an equal length design, so to keep it connecting to the stock cat location, the tubes wrap up before going down.

The downside to both... out of production. They do come up from time to time, and if you can find either, grab them. They make almost as much power as set of long tubes.

09-18-08, 06:03 PM
Thanks for the recommendation. I like to get comments from first hand experience. The equal length tubes are so important to developing the highest performance. Most production headers tend to be built for easiest fit, least expense, and cool looks.


09-19-08, 08:42 AM
I had Random Technology headers on my LT1 Camaro. They looked like an exact reproduction of the AS&M design. I don't know about bolting to the stock collectors though, as I did a dual-cat y-pipe and 3" catback at the same time.

10-12-08, 04:56 AM
I had an 1995 impala ss, its a soda can now but ive found this site that was real helpful on perfomance upgrades. for these wondeful engines. www.clearimageautomotive.com

12-17-08, 04:47 PM
(I know, I been gone a while) I ended up running a set of Clear Image's budget headers with the cat delete. So far I've liked them, though I'm sure I'm too late to offer much help. They fit well, the sound from the car is killer, though I have actually hit that "too much" range I think. It drones at highway speeds.