: Dimming mirrors

07-08-08, 12:58 PM
Hello. I have a curiosity question I would like to get answered. Since I am new to this Caddy, I don't know much about how everything works. My driver side and my rear view auto dim. My passenger side does not. Is it suppose to??

07-08-08, 04:48 PM
I am pretty sure just the drivers and rear view mirrors dim

07-08-08, 05:23 PM
Thank you.

I don't get blinding lights coming from that side but it still made me curious as to why only that side does not. I'm trying to get my windows tinted anyways. Anybody have any recommendations as far as getting replacement windows for an EXT? I would like either clear side windows for the rear or factory tinted removable window for the rear.

BTW, even though I am new to these forums, I have to say thank you to HCVONE. I must say from just what I witness so far, without your contribution to the board, it would be pretty vague. :thumbsup: