: Dearborn, MI: Another Hooters Car Wash to Save the Breasts!! Sat July 12

07-08-08, 10:54 AM
It's time for another one!

We have teamed up with Rosenau Powersports and Hooters to once again put on a bike / car wash to support a great cause. Many of us have been touched in one way or another by the loss of a loved one to cancer. This disease can only be beaten through research, and we have an excellent opportunity to help raise some money to aid that work. All washes will be by donation, and proceeds will go to support the Kelly Jo Dowd Foundation, supporting Breast Cancer Research.

What: Ducs Unlimited/Hooters Bike and Car Wash for Breast Cancer Event
Where: Rosenau Powersports, Dearborn Heights, Michigan
When: Saturday, July 12th 11:00 am till 4:00 pm

Please spread the word with all your friends, the more people that participate, the more money goes towards researching for a cure.

Event will include:

- Hourly giveaways curteousy of Ducs Unlimited, Rosenau and Hooters
- Hooters Wings, pop, hotdogs

Come on out and support a great charity and very fun event!

Thank You and Ride Safe.
Ducs Unlimited Executive Board

It's a fun time. We were there last year. Here's what we hopefully will enjoy again this year.









Hopefully we'll be able to get quite a few V's out there, and save all the breasts!!!!!!

07-08-08, 11:49 AM

i would never, ever, ever let someone do that to my car. doesn't matter how hot they are.

07-08-08, 12:00 PM
2 on one hood :nono:

07-08-08, 12:05 PM
Yeah no kidding...hopefully that trick paid off for ya!! :beavis:

The Tony Show
07-08-08, 12:06 PM
Two car wash girls found beaten. Film at 11.

07-08-08, 12:54 PM
Now that is a great shot...

The Tony Show
07-08-08, 01:18 PM

07-08-08, 01:22 PM
that brunette has kankels. lol

07-08-08, 01:27 PM
yes it is

07-08-08, 01:37 PM
that brunette has kankels. lolShe may be flat footed but she doesn't have kankles. Not that I really care anyway...

07-08-08, 01:40 PM
omg! she's got her sandy grimey flipflop on the fargin front fender on a black car...ouch!!!
i would grab her by those unsighly kankels and squirt some mothers polish all over her silicone hooters and work her like an orbital waxer to dull out her swirl marks. eeek! ( 0 y 0 ) <---hooters =]

07-08-08, 01:40 PM
Now that is a great shot...I was thinking the exact same thing! :highfive: